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Christie Brinkley, Aging in Style

I remember many years ago, hearing Christie Brinkley say at 38, this would be her last swimsuit cover. Now, 22 years later, the former Sport Illustrated Model is stunning, appearing in a turquoise blue one piece swimsuit, on the cover of People Magazine.

Christie Brinkley At 60
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Christie looks 35 , not nearly 60. She will celebrate her 60th birthday on February 2.

I don’t know how much work Christie Brinkley had done.. I do know that no amount of plastic surgery can create her stunning figure. That is diligence in working out and watching your weight.

"She looks phenomenal," says MJ Day, senior editor for Sports Illustrated'swimsuit issue (Sports Illustrated is a sister publication of PEOPLE). "She has the legs of a 30-year-old and the face of an angel. She's what you aspire to look like at 60. She's mind-blowingly beautiful."

Christie credits a Vegan Diet for her amazing figure, she currently fits into a size 27 pair of jeans, but admits her weight fluctuates, explaining: 'I have jeans in sizes from 24, when I danced on Broadway in Chicago, to size 28. Sometimes I eat a lot of pasta.'

Brinkley, 59, explained her evolution, telling People magazine that she was asked about plastic surgery "in my 40s and I said ‘Never!’ Now at 60, I’d never say never.” “I also think there are so many other non-invasive choices that address sagging, wrinkling and discoloration. I go to my dermatologist about once a month and get special facials. I like modern-technology stuff.”

Christie attributes her youthful appearance to her three children, Alexa Rose (born December 29, 1985), with Billy Joel, Jack Paris Taubman, (born June 2, 1995), with Richard Taubman, and Sailor Lee Brinkley Cook (born July 2, 1998), with Peter Cook, who she calls her fountain of youth

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