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Christie and bridgegate: What went on at the NYC Port Authority?

Sometimes you have to scratch your head about news that somehow doesn't make it to print. There seems to be a lack of probing questions in conjunction with New Jersey governor Chris Christie and the “bridgegate” incident. Ostensibly, a member of Christie's staff contacted David Wildstein about closing down lanes on the George Washington Bridge. As you would expect, the mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey and the police chief contacted the Port Authority right away to find out what was going on. They may have contacted the governor's office as well since Andrew Cuomo appoints the executive director. Apparently no one responded to these officials.

The executive director, Patrick J. Foye, states he knew nothing about the closure. It's hard to believe that after days of officials calling and asking for an explanation that he was unaware of the problem. If one were to speculate, it sounds like none of the Democrats at the Port Authority followed up due to instructions from the governor's office. If Andrew Cuomo were thinking of running as a candidate for president in 2016, it would make sense that he knock off a rival who appealed to both conservatives and liberals.

Suspiciously, none of the subpoenas issued by the New Jersey legislature were for information from any of the Democrats. If the New Jersey legislature were not overloaded with Democrats, one would expect a fair investigation. Instead, the major media seem focused on railroading Christie. And not much has been said in the press about the phone calls from the mayor and police chief. Why did no one respond to them? There were probably phone calls from drivers caught in the traffic jam on the first day. It seems that “I didn't know” is becoming the traditional response from politicians caught with their pants down.

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