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Christians: Solutions to Ukraine crisis may be found in the Old Testament

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According to a March 9 article on CNN; the Ukrainian Prime Minister is scheduled to fly United States to discuss the crisis in Crimea. Arsenly Yatsenyuk is expected to arrive on Wednesday and discuss potential sanctions against Russia.

The article goes on to say that President Obama and other World leaders have called on Russia to de-escalate the matter.

While critics of the President’s handling of the crisis continued to grow; some Christians viewed the current crisis as “nothing new under the sun,” and urged the President to use the Old Testament as a guide.

“There was a time, during the Bush Presidency, that intervention was the norm. We sent troops to the 4 corners of the earth, and never looked back. Those days are over. Similarly, the Old Testament speaks of Kings that God anointed to lead battles against pagan nations. God decided to send the Prince of Peace, and put away weapons. The best way to bring a peaceful end to the crisis is discussion; not destruction. This whole thing is nothing new.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to claim that the sole purpose of the invasion is to protect Russians.

Are boots on the ground an option in the Ukraine?
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Source: CNN News