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Christians seek to set the record straight regarding Good Friday

Penitents take part in a Good Friday procession on April 18, 2014 in Cuenca, Spain
Penitents take part in a Good Friday procession on April 18, 2014 in Cuenca, Spain
Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

She walked into her church for Good Friday service; her first in many years. She was amazed at what she saw; what had changed. She saw videos and dancing; smoke machines and poetry. To her, the only thing missing was “concession workers selling pizza and popcorn.”

Good Friday, according to the Holy Bible, is the Friday that Jesus Christ was crucified. It is a day where Christians worship together and remember all that Christ did; before, during and after crucifixion. Instead, according to her, it is just another “spiritual day that has been claimed by the secular world. Even we (Christians) celebrate and recognize a Good Friday that does not exist.”

“We need to tell the truth about Good Friday. It was not full of dancing and singing. There was Christ and the cross. There was a temple curtain being torn. There were people in tears. There was pain and spilled blood and a hushed tone so prevalent that the sun turned black. That was Friday.”

The Saturday after is/was a compelling narrative about 2 people seemingly trying to accomplish the same goal in different ways. “According to the Holy Bible, Jesus went and did a sermon for those in hell. His message did not change. He did not change His apparel or talk in slang in an effort to fit in. We, who are followers of Christ, do just the opposite. We are about fitting in, and making them comfortable. Christ spoke with passion and concern, but He never got off message. We cannot continue to alter the gospel in an effort to make it all okay.”

Easter Sunday; or the approach to it, did not escape scrutiny. “The risen Christ should be celebrated daily; not once a year. Right now, He (Christ) shares air time with a bunny. Christians need to proclaim a love for their God that is envy of all others. Like John the Baptist, Jesus should increase while His followers humbly submit.”

The Good Friday to Easter period should be met with reverence, humility, and fear. It will only get there if Christians lift Him up.

Good Friday service used to focus primarily on preaching. Do you think the changes in the service have been good or bad? What is your fondest memory of a Good Friday service?
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Source: The Holy Bible

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