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Christians: Ohio man’s punishment does not fit the crime

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According to an April 13 article in AP News; an Ohio man forced to stand on a street corner holding a sign saying “I AM A BULLY;” has accused the judge who sentenced him of ruining his life. Edmond Aviv, the man accused of bullying a neighbor and her family, was also sentenced to 15 days in jail.

According to the website, there are 49 states with laws on bullying. Ohio’s anti-bullying laws can be found in section 3313.666 of the Revised Code. The law went into effect in March 2007. The Ohio law currently covers public schools only. The law also covers cyber-bullying.

The relationship between bullying and suicide among young people continues to be troubling. According to the website, over 160,000 students stay home from school each day to avoid being bullied. Kids that are bullied are more likely to attempt suicide than those that are not bullied. The website also reports that a Britain study found that at least half of the suicides related to young people involved bullying.

Surprisingly, Christians interviewed about bullying and its consequences were very forgiving of Aviv. One Christian stated that the judge’s decision was an example of someone “abusing power” and not aligning punishment and the crime.

“The Holy Bible gives us clear direction in this matter. King David, at the height of his life challenges, recognized that mistakes and forgiveness are between man and God. If you read your local paper, you will find a variety of mistakes and transgressions committed by men and women at every level of the social ladder. Even with that, we do not make adulterers or DUI’s stand and announce their sins; so why should he? The judge is wrong.”

Justice, grace, and mercy are terms that are often spoken of in Christendom. Based on your faith and beliefs, does the punishment fit the crime?

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Source: AP News

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