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Christians must swallow their pride, Pope preaches

In his daily homily at the chapel of the St. Martha Residence in the Vatican today, Pope Francis underscored the importance of humility and meekness in dialogue with others. “Humility, meekness, becoming all things to everyone and also – but this is not written in the Bible – all of us know that to do these things you have to swallow so many toads. But, we must do it,” the Holy Father said.

Poe Francis has said that we must swallow our pride to dialogue with others.
Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

The Pope called attention to the day's reading from the Old Testament, which continue to focus on David's conflicts with then-King Saul. David could have taken plenty of opportunity to kill the King, Francis said, but he took “another way: the way of approaching, of clarifying the situation, of explaining himself. The path of dialogue to make peace.In order to dialogue, meekness is needed, without yelling,” said the Pope, “it’s necessary also to think that the other person has something more than me.” David had the right attitude toward Saul when he said “he is the Lord's anointed, and more important than me.”

“To dialogue, it is necessary to do what we asked for in prayer today, at the beginning of the Mass: become all things to all people,” the Holy Father said, urging people to swallow their pride. “But, we must do it, because peace is made like this: with humility, humiliation, searching always to see in the other the image of God,” preached Francis, saying that David could be a model since he “overcame hatred with humility.”

“To humble ourselves, and make bridges, always. Always. And this is what it means to be Christian,” said the Pope,“it is not easy. It is not easy, but Jesus did it: he humbled himself until the end, he has shown us the way.”

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