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Christians experiencing times of close communion with God

Regardless of whether it happens during the great Christian worship services of Holy Week or during regular Christian Church services; one of the great experiences in a Christian’s life is when they feel the wonderful presence of God’s Holy Spirit fill and make their spiritual nature come alive and then spiritually transport them into the presence of Almighty God. When this happens Christians can have a close communion with their Creator, feel God’s great love for them, and listen to God’s special messages for them.

Although these times of feeling God’s presence mainly happen during special Christian holiday worship services, God wants them to happen more often to every Christian. In order for that to happen, Christians need to get their spiritual nature prepared by asking the indwelling Holy Spirit to equip and tune up their spiritual nature so that it can receive God’s programs on God’s spiritual frequencies in a similar way to how people tune their radios to the frequencies of their favorite radio station so they can listen to their favorite music or programs.

Christians should also ask God to reveal to them if there is anything that would interfere with receiving God’s messages for them, such as being involved in something that is breaking God’s laws and bringing God’s punishment on them for doing that. If that is the problem then Christians need to quit doing that practice and ask God to forgive them for doing it.

Then, during Christian worship services, Christians need to temporarily put out of their active thinking processes those problems of their daily activities so they can focus on worshipping God and receiving His wonderful presence. Christians can also ask God to give them an experience of His love for them and any messages that He has for them.

While these times of special communion with God mainly happen during Christian worship services, they can also happen when Christians call on God to help them with their daily problems. As Christians ask for God’s help, the Holy Spirit can give them the insight and ability to find a solution to their problems.

God wants Christians to stay well-connected to Him, not only during Christian worship services, but also during their daily lives. As they do that, God can help them have a successful journey of the rest of their physical life and when they finished that, God will help them make the journey to live with Him in Heaven forever!

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