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Christians defending Nugent and free speech are wrong

Derek St. Holmes of the Ted Nugent band joins the LoCash Cowboys' Preston Brust and Chris Lucas on stage
Photo by Rick Diamond

Rocker Ted Nugent has apologized for comments he made about President Obama; according to a February 22 article in the Detroit Free Press. Nugent reportedly called the President a subhuman mongrel at a political rally.

The article goes on to say that prominent republicans had either called on Nugent to apologize or refused to support or defend his statement.

Nugent’s public and disparaging comments about the President and other Democrats are nothing new. According to Wikipedia, he allegedly called President Obama a piece of shit, and, during a concert appearance, he allegedly told former Michigan Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm to kiss his ass. In 2008, Nugent threatened to run for office if he could not find a candidate who supported the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Critics of Nugent’s statement viewed it as a violation of the spirit of the Bill of Rights. Said one Christian:

“Nugent’s comments are disgusting. The Bill of Rights was never meant to be a license to degrade or insult. The Holy Bible teaches us to control our tongues, and Nugent needs to read and study those passages of scripture.”

Nugent, a parent and grandparent, also suffers from hearing loss.

Should Christians use free speech as a justification for speaking their minds?
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Source: Detroit Free Press

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