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Christians connecting in the workplace

I work for a large Twin Cities corporation with a remarkable benefit not offered by all employers. My workplace has Employee Resource Groups. One such group is the
Christian Employee Resource Group (CERG, pronounced “surge”).

This group was founded in 2003. CERG currently has 837 members, making this group the largest.

Encouraging, Christ-centered workplace devotions are sent to members, who have subscribed to the service, twice each week. Recipients often share the powerful impact these words have had on them – the timing of each message is always remarkable.

Small group activity is very popular – both prayer groups and Bible studies on the lunch hour are available and open to all employees. All faiths, as well as employees who do not claim a faith, are encouraged to come together in the workplace to share, learn, and grow together.

CERG has a dedicated prayer team that will take personal requests, and keeping them confidential will pray for them. This same team is available for employees who wish to have someone pray with them. There is another prayer team dedicated to praying for the company and its leaders. Prayer is an integral part of CERG.

Christian activities vary from small group interaction to large-scale events where speakers come and share. The entire employee populations is always invited and encouraged to attend events.

From small group activities to large group presentations, Christians are connecting in the workplace. Does your workplace offer a way to connect with people of the Christian faith?

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