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Christians: Big Bang poll only half the battle

The First Fleet Bible as seen following the official signing
The First Fleet Bible as seen following the official signing
Photo by Lisa Maree Williams

According to an April 25 article in the Tennessean, the percentage of Americans who believe in the Big Bang theory is on the decline. The article points to Christians viewing science as materialism and their (Christians) belief that anything outside of the Bible represents a competing religion or theology as 2 potential reasons for the decline.

According to Wikipedia, the Big Bang theory proclaims that the universe was once hotter and contained on a single point. A series of explosions lead to the expansion of the universe and sub-atomic particles lead to the creation of more and more things. Some supporters claim that there is a direct correlation between the decline in mathematics skills and the support for the theory. Because the theory defines how things were created, it is often viewed as a contradictor of the Bible.

According to the Holy Bible, the earth was dark and void before experiencing God’s work. There are pauses where God examines his work and calls it good. Those who support Big Bang and Creationism surmise that God’s work could have been an explosion or explosive. Other than that, the Bible and the Big Bang theory are not aligned.

Christians believe that the decline in support of the Big Bang theory is only step 1 in a 2 step process. “Renouncing the theory is only a start. According to the Holy Bible; in order to get into heaven, you must be born again. This requires belief in Jesus. Good people do not get into heaven; saved ones do!”

The Big Bang theory has been the subject of much debate for years. Most people support either the Bible or Big Bang; very support both. Do you believe that it and the Bible story can coexist?

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Source: The Tennessean

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