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Christians are called to love rather than condemn others

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As Christians, we are placed in a position of humble servant hood. At times, however, it seems that this is forgotten within the Christian church. As difficult as it may be for us to face, one of the very reasons that some people have no desire to attend church is because of the way they are often treated within the church walls. Rather than face a warm welcome, people are often faced with cold indifference. Rather than be accepted for who they are, people are often judged based on their appearance, lifestyle choice, status within the community, or material wealth.

As Christians, it is important for us to remember that God did not put us here on earth to judge others. It is not our place. It is our place to love others and share the light of Christ. We plant the seed of love, and God does the rest. It is not our place to lay a guilt trip on anyone, or point fingers at anyone. Quite honestly, whoever we point a finger at could just as easily point a finger back at us. Romans 3:23 states, “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” There is no one that is righteous unless made righteous by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus spent time with sinners, much to the chagrin of some of his disciples. If the son of God (God Himself) spent time with sinners…how can we, as Christians, refuse to open our arms and hearts to them? How can we point fingers at them when the Lord himself embraced them with love? How can we point fingers at sinners when we are sinners ourselves? The only thing that separates us from other sinners is the blood of Jesus that we have accepted so as to wash away those sins. This same gift is offered to all. It is our job as believers to share that message. That message is not to be wrapped in condemnation. It is to be wrapped in love.

Our sinful nature is what leads us to condemn and judge others. As a church, we need to try and overcome this urge and reach out in love. Then we will be reaching out in love as Christ would be reaching out in love.

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