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Christiann Castellanos on 'Veronica Mars,' 'The Middle' and viral videos

It was one of the coolest developments of last year: the Veronica Mars Powers That Be and loyal fans pulling together to get a feature film made continuing on from the TV show. That's the kind of second chance most of us can only hope for. What was it like to actually be a part of that awesomeness? To find out, BFTV chatted with actress Christiann Castellanos - who has a supporting role in the film - about the Veronica Mars experience, as well as what she's passionate about.

Actress Christiann Castellanos appears as Jade in the 'Veronica Mars' feature film, out now in theaters and on VOD.
Courtesy of Pinnacle PR

"My character's name is Jade, and I am a very important part of one of the original cast members' lives," Christiann told us, giving us the rundown. "Throughout the movie, everyone just sort of comments on my character, and how much I've changed one of the lead characters' lives. He's definitely very close to Veronica, and when Veronica meets me, it's a big surprise."

We don't want to reveal anything more in case you haven't gotten to see the movie yet, but we did want to ask her about behind the scenes. There's been plenty of talk about how different getting Veronica Mars made was - raising several million dollars via Kickstarter - but what about on the set? Did it feel different actually making the movie?

"Absolutely, oh my gosh," she enthused. "A lot of the Kickstarter backers were invited [to set], based on their donations, to be a part of the process. A lot of the actors, Krysten Ritter and obviously Kristen Bell, Jason [Dohring], we were all talking with the Kickstarter backers like they were friends."

As cool as the movie was, it's just one part of what Christiann has done recently. She's appeared in three episodes of The Middle, the most recent of which, "Sleepless In Orson," aired in early January. "I may be appearing in another episode. I don't know any details yet. I'm really curious about what's going to happen with my character, because so far, I think that I've been dumped," she laughed. "I'm in a sketch comedy group [Awkward Kids], and we're going to be collaborating with this really big channel called AwesomenessTV. We're doing a video about prom."

"I'm really proud of this show I do - I write and produce and host this sort of Jon Stewart esque viral show, it's called Viral News," she continued. "It's really me. That's something I'm really excited about because I do everything. It's sort of my passion to do comedy. That's sort of what I want to do is Internet content, so everyone can see it."

You can check out Viral News and Christiann's other Internet work with BiteSizeTV by visiting her YouTube channel. We've also included the first installment with this article.

Having been credited as an actress, writer, director and producer, Christiann told us she sees herself continuing on as a multi-hyphenate. "I think so," she said, explaining that she enjoys the process of creating her own content. "Being an actor, it can feel like things are out of your control. There's times as an actor where you just don't work and then there's times where you work a lot. It's really what feeds me and helps me stay motivated."

She also revealed how her perspective has changed since she began her career with an uncredited appearance in a CSI: Miami episode seven years ago. "I came here expecting fame and fortune like immediately," she said, "and the more I got into my craft and what it means to be an actor, I really respected it. I don't really care for fame like I used to. I feel that's sort of a side effect of being an actor."

Now she's hoping to inspire others the way that she was inspired. "Having gone through really difficult things [in life], I never thought that I could get out of that situation and be a better person," she reflected. "So I'm so grateful that even though I grew up in a different country, and I went through really hard times, I am here doing the things I never thought I would be able to do. Anybody can really do it. Just believe in yourself."

Veronica Mars is in theaters and available on demand now.

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