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Christianity is about salvation: But there is so much more!

Did you know that it is truly an incredible privilege to be a child of the Most High God in the person of Jesus Christ? Did you also know that there is a price to be paid after you get it? Yes, salvation is free BUT the work begins after you accept Christ as that Sovereign King over your life. Salvation wasn't meant to be taken from Christ like a free ticket to paradise and not have the relationship with Him that actually transforms who you are in Him (Romans 12:2). There is more to being a Christian than just being saved. That relationship in Christ gives you the power to take the gospel with the new you out to a lost world. We surrender to Christ in the acknowledging and asking forgiveness of every sin and every sin of others against us for His power to be made more manifest within us.

Salvation is only the beginning of your journey.
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What is that work?

That work is the business of allowing Christ to call us into His very presence and to come to know Him through the reading and studying of Him in His Holy Word. It is impossible to know God without the Word. That study is like spending time with a Majestic King (Jesus) who is also a friend and desires to reveal the secrets of His very own heart, soul and Kingdom to you. His desire for you is to be like Him; holy, without sin, and perfect as His Father in Heaven is perfect (Matthew 5:48). The seeking of this perfection is what keeps the relationship alive and on-going. It also allows you to experience a greater revelation of the secrets of the Kingdom. It enables you to "see" how God is, to "see" His ways for wisdom, and His heart for you. Then you are better able to make decisions and order your life and conduct rightly.

What is sin?

The only sin that sends an unbeliever of Jesus Christ to hell is the rejection of Jesus as the only true God (John 4: 16). The world as a whole, including self-proclaiming Christians, is clearly drifting away from what Jesus says is sin. The Word says, "There is a way that seems right to man, but its end is the way to death" (Proverbs 14:12). Anyone who is truly a child of God has within them the Holy Spirit who will convict the child of God as to what sin is according to the Word of God. The Word verses the World is no contest. The Bible is very clear as to what sin is and that it needs to be eradicated from the life of the believer. Today, whenever the subject of sin comes up, for the world or a believer, the "judgement" card gets pulled out with a mindset that no one can decide what sin is against another person's actions or lifestyle. Or ,"That may be your interpretation". The Bible clearly states who will not enter into His Kingdom ( 1Corinth 6:9 NIV). There are also sins that only God can know within the heart of every believer. They are not usually revealed to other people and those sins aren't really anyone else's business. Christians have their sins that they struggle with daily. The key here being "they struggle with" to eradicate them from their life.

Jesus spoke to Mary Magdalene when she was brought forth by her accusers who wanted to stone her to her death; which was the law. He said He did not condemn (judge her to the death then required by the law) but He did tell her to go and sin no more ( judging her lifestyle or actions). He did not rain all over her with hurtful words and exacting the letter of the law over her (death by the law). It was like a precious moment of compassion to her, freeing her from the penalty of death. Telling her to not sin anymore was clearly a judgment of her lifestyle (sexual immorality) and that refraining from it was the way to continue to be free from the law and the consequences for breaking it. It also meant that if she fell into her sin again, she could be forgiven (instead of death for it). Romans 8:2 speaks of being free from the law of sin and death but only in Christ Jesus.

So, what is the more?

When we come to Christ by the repenting of our sins, the transformation that takes place within your spirit brings forth special joy and newness. It is actually our human spirit being "born again from above"( John 3:7) enabling us as a new child of God to even see the meaning of the Word. Jesus' Holy Spirit comes in to guide us into all truth (John 16:13). As we grow, the Lord desires that we go forth to spread the Good News to others. He asks that we be not ashamed of the Gospel and love others but with the love that comes Him and from the truth He reveals to us. Spread the joy, give help to others, care for the sick and disadvantaged, and praying without ceasing are a few. The Word is filled with guidance for daily life and special situations. All of the Bible's teachings are there for us to line up with causing us to surrender to Him in all things; even if unpleasant. The surrender of the entire self to Christ is how we receive His power to go forth for the sake of the Gospel let alone the daily transformation to be like Him each day. He tells us in His Word that we can't do it without Him. It is HIM all the way.

In so doing...

"You will care about what I care about..We become lambs with the face of lions"

The above quote is from the video. The video is powerful! Check it out!

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