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Christian Taliban Controls Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Republicans

It is typical for a movement to have one, high-profile, spokesmen to parrot the sentiments, agenda, and public policy for the group. Republicans use fact-challenged sycophants such as Alaskan wart-hog Sarah Palin, racist gun-advocate Ted Nugent, and various far-right neo-conservatives working frantically to drag America into the Dark Ages at the behest of evangelical extremists and landed-gentry. However, there is only one Republican spokesman who controls the direction of the party as a matter-of-course, and no Republican politician is willing to challenge his supremacy.

Republicans and Limbaugh Pushing For Theocracy

Rush Limbaugh’s recent spate of comments impugning women who use contraception informs that he is the Republican Party’s leader. Limbaugh’s vile remarks have engendered outrage from women and men who do not subscribe to Republicans' misogynistic agenda, and the lack of condemnation from party leaders proves their fear of offending or challenging the supreme leader. Despite hundreds-of-thousands of signatures calling on Republican leadership to condemn Limbaugh’s remarks, the only statement from Speaker John Boehner was that Limbaugh’s use of the words slut and prostitute were “inappropriate.” Boehner’s reluctance to condemn Limbaugh is despicable, but Boehner, like Fox News’ celebrity Bill O’Reilly, is only following the directives from Limbaugh and extremist evangelicals who own one-half of the GOP.

O’Reilly parroted Limbaugh’s assertion that Sandra Fluke’s, the Georgetown law student, “advocacy for contraception coverage is motivated by sexual promiscuity” and it demonstrates the sexist mindset of Republicans who take their orders from the United States Council of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and Christian fanatics. What is stunning is that despite the fact that 98% of American women use contraception (including Catholic women), a small minority of Christian extremists is pushing America toward a theocracy and Republicans are their legislative puppets.

It is amazing that Limbaugh, who was caught and cited for having a prescription for Viagra with someone else’s name, is allowed to speak for the Christian right. However, on further reflection, Limbaugh and O’Reilly’s statements are in keeping with Christian’s belief that men are anointed by god to dominate, humiliate, and subject women to subservient roles as birth machines better left in the home cleaning a man’s chamber pot. Limbaugh, Boehner, O’Reilly and Republicans support Christian’s role for women and it is why there has been no outrage from the extremists Christians at the sexist assault on women.

Republicans and their Christian extremist masters are pushing for America to become like Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. Limbaugh, as spokesman and director, serves the same role as Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who speaks for the Islamic Supreme leaders who issue edicts in private for dissemination through Ahmadinejad. Limbaugh is disseminating the extremist Christian edicts the theocrats hand down to him, and Republicans follow Limbaugh’s orders explicitly out of fear of reprisal from the god-squad. It is unfortunate, but women are being treated as dogs because Christian Taliban controls Limbaugh who controls Republicans, and no woman is safe until the theocrats are sent where they belong; straight to their proverbial hell.


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