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Christian Symbiosis

I've tried to suppress the John the Baptist in me, but maybe that is not what God wants. Jesus said he came to bring a sword to the earth, not peace. I'm sure he didn't mean a literal sword, especially in light of his statement that "he who lives by the sword dies by the sword." So I retake the figurative sword of the spirit (which I laid down for a season because I was sick of ruffling so many people's feathers) and attempt to divide asunder the wheat and the chaff and the truth and the lies.

Where there is no vision the people perish.

Yesterday I posted a rant concerning the lack of cooperation and communication between Christian organizations and individuals, especially in the world of Christian music and Christian movies. You can read it here:

I thought I'd get some amens from the congregation of movie makers, but people on Facebook countered my arguments with pragmatic, alternate solutions for obtaining music and lampoons against low budget films. I didn't need such advice. I already understood the workarounds. I'm afraid my wannabe advisers totally missed my point. I was not decrying the difficulty of doing business. I was ranting against the lack of unity of purpose of the "so called" Christian media industry. My point was this: I found a song that would magnify the message of my movie, a message that I feel is important enough that I'm risking my own financial nest egg to produce it. My movie also would have amplified the message of the song. My goal is to build the kingdom. If the Christian music producer has the same goal, shouldn't that song be easily obtained, so both of us can maximize our efforts for the Lord and fulfill our calling and desire?

Another explanation offered was that the music people ignored requests for the use of their music because they were picky about the quality of the movies in which the songs would be featured. Of course, I might point out that without knowing anything about the movie, they couldn't even make that determination. The Bible mentions that people who judge a matter before they hear it are fools. I'm composing an entire rant on that tangent.

I'm not a total idiot. I understand that a ministry and a Christian business both need to generate money in order to keep their operation going. Sound business practices are necessary for survival. However, I cling to the idealistic notion that Christian organizations should first of all desire that God's will be done in their dealings. At some point in time, that mindset could conflict with the bottom line. People will need to make hard decisions on whether to listen to the profits or the prophets.

I have a revolutionary idea. Could it be that some people will read about this idea and realize it is a good practice and implement it? I hope so or else I wouldn't waste my time typing this. What if every Christian organization had a special email address for "Divine Networking"? People who needed help or wanted to offer help or suggestions to help build the kingdom could send their information to that email box. Someone on the other end (someone in tune with the voice of the Lord) would have to filter out the fruitcakes and the opportunists, but legitimate correspondence could then be shared with the powers-that-be for some kind of potential action. I'm a one man show at Sword of the Spirit Publishing. All correspondence is read by me. I'm always on the lookout for a divine connection. Some may be for my benefit and some might be from someone I need to help. And the best scenario is when both parties benefit. But the bottom line is "does the Kingdom benefit?"

One sad fact came to my attention yesterday in response to my post. Many of the Christian artists are being signed by secular producers, perhaps through a wing of the company which deals with Christian music. In other words, the heathens are in control of the creative content which the Holy Spirit might have inspired. It is time for us to control our Father's resources. We can't accomplish much when we're under the control of the world.

I recently spent the night with some Facebook friends who had very much enjoyed the first movie I produced. It's a little uncomfortable to meet people for the first time and then bed down in their home. The lady put me totally at ease in two sentences. She said, "This house and everything in it belongs to God. Make yourself at home." Is it possible that we could all have the same attitude about what we have: be it property, finances, time, or creativity? None of it belongs to us. Our Daddy just made us caretakers of it. Could we impact the world with such a mindset? I think so.

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