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Christian singer charges $150 per cd

Flyer presented by Reatha Fairley which provides a website to where her music is sold for $150 per CD.
Flyer presented by Reatha Fairley which provides a website to where her music is sold for $150 per CD.
photo by Lamont Gates

A Christian music singer is urging residents not only to donate to her musical cause, but to also purchase her CD that the singer is charging a whopping $150 per copy for.

Reatha M. Fairley walked into a barber shop in Haledon NJ on a Saturday afternoon, carrying a white bucket with a flyer attached to the front of it. "You want to donate to the children's choir" she shouted to the barbers and customers waiting for haircuts. One person gave a dollar, to which Fairley handed the giver a flyer with a website that would shock even the Security Exchange Commission and give new meaning to the term, vulture capitalism.

The website reveals that Fairley is not only selling her music CD for $150 each, but also claims that the 11 song album has lyrics that come directly from God's mouth. There is also a section of the website where Fairley is asking viewers to sponsor a child, apparently a child connected to the choir of the 7 Wonders Praise Service located in Hackettstown NJ according to the site.

When Fairley was contacted about the matter she seemed reluctant to talk, "I can't talk about my work" she said. "If anyone wants to know anything, just get God's Messages, it will tell you everything." Without answering many questions, she went straight into promoting the CD. However, Fairley did give a reason as to why the CD was set at a price value almost equal to a box set.

"A lot of work went into making the CD. A lot of time and sacrificing." Between both time and financial sacrificing, she felt it was necessary to charge the consumer of her music $150 to which the website reveals that shipping and handling was also covered by this charge. A man named James Robinson was also credited as a producer of the album according to the site as well.

Fairley however at one point seemed to feel that the cost of the CD alone may have been a bit too high. One of her last words before hanging up was, "I can throw a cassette in with the CD too." That's correct, a cassette of the same music already on the CD. At least she keeps her '70s and '80s audience in memory.

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