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Christian Science Fiction

Galaxy M-31, in the constellation Andromeda
Galaxy M-31, in the constellation Andromeda

Christian fiction is an ever expanding market with new sub genres emerging constantly. Science Fiction lovers can rejoice as more and more Christian authors are exploring this genre.
A simple search for “Christian Science Fiction” will turn up a number of sites and articles on the subject.
This genre is still somewhat blended with fantasy but there are distinct works on the market today that are pure science fiction without any touches of magic or myth.
I recently reviewed the book Offworld and interviewed the author, Robin Parrish. His book takes place in the near future and follows a group of astronauts who return from Mars to find everyone on earth gone.
A new online magazine called The Cross and The Cosmos, contains links to a few publishers of Christian Science Fiction as well as a chance for aspiring writers to write within two pre-existing universes on the site.
Christian bookstores don’t stock a lot of Science Fiction titles but there are a few here and there, and with a little searching you can find small publishers who have several titles available.