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Christian Post Editor: God will punish gay Christians as he does other heretics

Richard Land, executive editor of Christian Post
Richard Land, executive editor of Christian Post

On Thursday, Richard Land, executive editor of Christian Post and former president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee (that's the arm of the SBC concerned with morals and ethics), told the audience of the Washington Watch radio program that God will punish and possibly "remove" gay Christians unless they repent their evil ways. The warning came in response to a caller's question just after Reverend Land made the point that homosexuals are spawns of Satan. The question was about a gay acquaintance who claimed to have found Jesus.The conversation went like this:

Land: If this person has had a genuine experience with the Lord and they have trusted the Lord as their Savior, I believe that this person will be in Heaven. Having said that, is this person in an active homosexual relationship?

Caller: He is at this point, yes.

Land: Well I believe that the Lord also says that those who are his children he will chastise and he will spank. If a Christian is in a homosexual relationship or if a Christian is in an adulterous relationship for instance, outside of marriage, a heterosexual relationship, God will seek to convict that person and God will chastise that person and God will judge that person. Let me give you an answer that's analogous: When I was in my first church, I was pastor of a church in New Orleans when I was a seminary student, I had a woman in the church who had become a Christian and she got involved through a personal relationship with a man, she got involved in Satanic worship and she went around the French Quarter saying that she used to think Jesus was the messiah but that she now believed the Devil was the angel of light.

I went to her and talked to her about 1 Corinthians 5 where Paul says to give over someone for the destruction of the body for the salvation of the soul. I talked to her about 1 Corinthians 11 and I said, 'If you are really a believer, then God's not gong to let you be a stumbling block and God's not going to let you continue in this kind of sin, and God will chastise you and God will ultimately remove you if necessary. Now if you go along and nothing happens to you, then I have to believe that you were never part of us and 1 John 2:19 applies, you've gone out from us because you were never part of us and you went out from us that it my be made manifest that you were never part of us.'

She rejected my counsel and six weeks later at around the age of 25 she dropped dead of a cerebral hemorrhage. I believe that God removed her because she was his child and a stumbling block to others. So if this person goes on and is perfectly happy in this homosexual relationship and nothing happens to him, then I would have to believe that he has never had a conversion experience. If he has had a conversion experience, the Lord is not going to let him go, the Lord is going to convict him and to chastise him, to bring him back, as he did (King) David.



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