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Christian Poetry at "Spiritually Spoken"

Event Information
Event Information

In January 2008, a vision was brought to life as maybe the first "Christian-Based" poetry night in Lexington, KY was introduced at one of Lexington's oldest black churches, East Second Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). It began with a great response from the community with approximately 70 people in attendance to have their ears blessed with the talents of musicians, vocalists, and poets from around the city. At a time when poetry nights were the newest trending promotional event in Lexington, Spiritually Spoken arrived with a totally different atmosphere and meaning behind its existence. At last, an avenue for the lovers of the arts to travel to receive uplifting and spiritual messages from Christ through the talents of many outstanding craftsmen from our own city.

Spiritually Spoken April Showcase

It was a very tough road for this event as the first three or four events continued to show success. The monthly poetry night demonstrated how great of an idea it was and even more wonderful as it was brought to life. However, numbers had begun to dwindle and it became hard to locate the talent needed for such an event every month. Spiritually Spoken was structured as an "open mic" (meaning anyone who attends can perform at anytime with respect to the other attendees) and it soon proved to not be a great idea to assume that talent would attend each event. The frequency of the event also slowed to every other month, and then settled to once every quarter. The audience seemed to grow bored with "random acts of poetry," so new ideas and a new strategy were needed in order to keep this vision a reality.

November of 2009 sparked a new beginning for Spiritually Spoken. It was restructured from an "open mic" to a "showcase." The November showcase hosted a full roster of vocalists, poets, musicians, and a mime ministry. Representatives from different churches in Lexington filled the sanctuary to make this a memorable evening. The Senior Pastor of ESSCC, Rev. Dr. Donald K. Gillett II, was very pleased with the new direction of Spiritually Spoken and continues to show acceptance of the different aspects of worship. Spiritually Spoken will be held again on April 2nd, 2010 at East Second Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for its "Good Friday" Showcase to begin the Easter Holiday weekend. The event will display another full roster of poets, vocalists, liturgical dancing, live music, and a spiritual message from national author Mrs. Gwin Minter. This is truly an event that is sure to please the minds and souls of its audience and Spiritually Spoken is blooming into one of Christ's most beautiful flowers as it continues to grow within the spiritual garden.

"Spiritually Spoken is a vision seen and created by one of our own members, Brother D.A. Royce, and has blossomed into an extremely wonderful event that continues to grow. It is a further expansion of God's word displayed through the form of these different crafts in which the participants graciously perform. It is a different way for the individual to express God's love for them that is traditionally not seen during Sunday morning worship. We will continue to water and shine light on this seed that we have planted."              

Rev. Dr. Donald K. Gillett II

 East Second Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Rev. Dr. Donald K. Gillett II, Senior Pastor

146 Constitution Street, Lexington, KY 40507 (859)254-0675

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