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Christian in name only

The new church of the far right
The new church of the far right
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Supreme Court this week decided that, not only are corporations people, but that they can impose their religious beliefs on their employees. They determined that a “closely held” company like Hobby Lobby can deny their employees contraception coverage as it violates their “sincerely held” religious beliefs. And once the waves of outrage struck the court, conservatives suggested that women simply wanted “good Christians” to pay for their “recreational activities”. In other words, Christians shouldn’t have to violate their “deeply held” religious beliefs so women can have sex.

No one should be surprised by any of this. The entire contraception battle is basically over sex…women’s sex in particular. We could point out some of the hypocrisy of their position…no one is objecting to covering Viagra or other erectile dysfunction remedies for men. And we know that, at bottom, conservatives are scared silly of sex. They would prefer that no one have sex ever except to make babies.

We rather suspect that, at bottom, conservatives are also scared silly of women.

We also suspect that none of these people are truly Christians. They don’t seem to believe in anything taught by the Prince of Peace, the founder of the Christian religion. Charity, for example, seems to be beyond them. Taking care of the “least of these” would, among other things, interfere with the billions of tax cuts they’ve given to the very wealthy. Nor do they believe that they should pay a just wage…or a minimum one…to their workers. One suspects that, should these erstwhile “Christians” have found themselves in Pilate’s courtyard, they would have been shouting, “Crucify him!” with the best of the crowd.

They much prefer the vengeful and cruel God of the Old Testament to the gentle and loving Savior of the New. Those among them who claim to be “pro-life” have a peculiar definition of it…as they might be anti-abortion, but they’re also pro-war, pro-death penalty and most of them worship at the altar of the gun. “An eye for an eye” has a great deal more meaning for them than turning the other cheek. And one wonders how the rich…and the “Christians” who worship them…will pass through the “eye of the needle” into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The truth is these people aren’t Christians at all. They take rather than give. They do not suffer the little children…because once those fetuses become real live children, they aren’t so much interested in their welfare anymore. And they know nothing of forgiveness. They know only blame and bitterness and accusation.

And now our corporations will join this crowd. Just as well. They’re all inhuman.

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