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Christian musician Fred Willis gets endorsement deal with Casio

Fred Willis with Casio Reps at Sumida Triphony Hall
Fred Willis with Casio Reps at Sumida Triphony Hall
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Christian musician Fred Willis has secured an endorsement deal with Casio. The Fort Worth, Texas native started out on a drum set at four years old, he followed his love for music to different instruments, genres and venues. Willis has played church music since he began playing but it was a word from the Lord that changed his outlook and the way he makes and creates music.

After much studying and prayer, Fred Willis changed his focus musically and spiritually. He began to focus on impacting people all over the world with "feel good music". Aside from his immense love of music, Fred is an avid reader and writer. Currently Fred is a contributing writer on, maintains a public blog on and regularly contributes via the SoulProsper Media Group.

Last year while on tour in Japan with the Glory Gospel Singers from New York, Willis was provided with Casio Privia PX-5S and XW-P1 keyboards. Representatives from Casio interviewed him after the show at the Sumida Triphony Hall along with the company owner and tour manager, Phylis McKoy Joubert and asked how he liked the keyboards.

Later, Willis contacted Casio when he was interested in buying a new keyboard. He’d developed a pretty good rapport with the company by then and let them know that Casio would be his brand of choice moving forward. Representatives from Casio remembered Fred from his time in Japan and offered to send him their newest keyboards. Fred Willis is one of the first to use these keyboards in a professional setting.

Willis currently serves at Calvary's Nation of Faith COGIC in Fort Worth,Texas, where the Pastor is Dr. Alvin Pope. He is the middle child, brother of two sisters, husband to Rhonda Willis and father to three children; Joshua, Joi, and Jailen.