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Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 2014

When it comes to fashion, shoes and the name "Louboutin" are nearly synonymous. It's almost impossible not to crave the red sole when we're constantly subjected to its grandiosity via magazines, television and blogs on the daily. From A-list celebrities to 20-something princess types holding daddy's credit card, there's an intense passion for Louboutin at every turn.

Louboutin's Fancy Footwear
Christian Louboutin

Whether you're a lover of all things high-heel or a fashionista with an affinity for practical footwear, Shoe Wizard Christian Louboutin has all you need to complete your shoe arsenal with his spring/summer 2014 collection. Bold, bright shades of blue, red and yellow, sexy silhouettes (hello, laser cut lace-up!) and a signature red bottom create a collection of footwear that can only be deemed as wearable art. If you've got a cool $600 burning a hole through your pocket, a pair of Louboutins will get you a great deal of bang for your buck.

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