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Christian Louboutin Nail Lacquer

Designer Christian Louboutin is traditionally know for his beautiful craftsmanship when it comes to shoes. His signature red soles have been coveted by many women worldwide. Recently, he has embarked on a new venture which has taken retailers by storm. Introducing Christian Louboutin nail lacquer. Launched in the Summer of 2014, Rouge Louboutin became the first ever nail color created by the French designer. The lacquer is contained in a patent leather style finish box with a red reveal identical to the red soles on the shoes. The custom designed box comes with a special triangular brush made exclusively to eliminate air bubbles and provide chip resistant coverage. The eight inch bottle design was inspired by the "ballerina ultima" which is tallest heel ever created by the lavish brand.

The nail lacquer promises to have high levels of pigment and an ultra glossy finish. With only two coats, the polish is guaranteed to leave you nail beds looking as if twenty layers of traditional lacquer was applied. The brand has developed and will launch thirty additional shades inspired by shoes at the end of August 2014. The various colors include The Pops which are bold colored shades, The Noirs which are deep rich hues and The Nudes which are soft, warm and delicate tones.

The nail lacquer is available in luxury retailers around the country and retails for fifty dollars. According to sales associates, the exclusive lacquer is selling out worldwide. Rouge Louboutin is the first color to launch and has been quite successful. The unique design and impeccable color has caught the attention of many celebrities and women who desire a small piece of Louboutin history.

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