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Christian Horror?

House bu Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti
House bu Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti
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A group of strangers find themselves trapped in a frightening house of horrors filled with levitating furniture, spirits of the dead and  a serial killer bent on their deaths.
A vampire and werewolf seek to come to grips with the horror of their own existence.

A man commits suicide and his blood seeps into the ground causing the corpses there to rise from the dead, and feed on the living.

While these may sound like the work of today’s most popular horror authors, they are, in fact, the plots of three novels written by Christians for the Christian market.

Horror is currently one of the most popular genres in film and has long held a significant place in literature. The staples of the genre include psychotic killers, occult elements, and otherworldly beasts. Some of these elements have their roots in very real dark practices and yet there is a growing number of authors who are writing spine tingling tales with these very same plot devices.

While it can safely be assumed that the genres of horror and Christian fiction have long been at odds, such is not the case anymore. Christian authors who explore darker themes in their work are finding cross-over success in the secular market.

Many argue that using such dark themes throws the goodness of God into sharp contrast while others feel that it feeds a craving for something darker.

Christian fiction, music, and art in general is experiencing a change. New artists and writers with fresh ideas are emerging while publishing houses and record labels are releasing content that is ever more diverse. While this presents an exciting prospect for artists and their audiences, are we sacrificing sound biblical principles in the name of creativity? Only time will tell. In everything the bible tells us to use sound judgment and discernment and entertainment is no exception. What are your thoughts dear reader? 


  • Chris Esparza, Dallas Christian Living Examiner 5 years ago

    Excellent article. Definetly worth some thinking. However, besides House, I haven't heard anything about the other books you mentioned and I'm intrigued to know which ones they are.