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Christian haters really coming out of the woodwork

The lack of knowledge, protection, and observance of the First Amendment is appalling.
The lack of knowledge, protection, and observance of the First Amendment is appalling.

The gloves are off. The culture war has now targeted its intolerance towards the private lives of people holding Biblical values or simply holding different views than the talking points of leftist ideology.

The CEO of Chick-Fil-A felt the wrath of the thought haters for being in favor of traditional marriage in 2012. The CEO of Mozilla was pressured out of his position for having the wrong position on marriage back in 2008 where he actually gave money to the consensus position that won in a popular vote. That did not matter to the haters.

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson was attempted to be blackballed by A and E for having support for traditional marriage and only after a boisterous protest from viewers was the program reinstated.

Nobody is safe even in the pulpit of any church. Dr. Eric Walsh has been director of the Pasadena Health Department since 2010. Dr. Walsh was put on administrative leave while city officials are investigating allegedly anti-gay comments Dr. Walsh made in a sermon back in 2006.

That’s right. Should anyone have preached the Biblical standard concerning homosexuality anytime in church the last ten years, that person could be unemployable based on the new standard of intolerance. You are guilty retroactively.

The intimidation factor of regulating speech and thought even in the pulpits of the churches is casting an ominous shadow on what now can be preached as subject material as a pastor, priest, rabbi, or minister. It could represent the opening shot to label any material spoken at churches, mosques, or synagogues that disapproves of the gay lifestyle as hate speech. The groundwork is being laid to muzzle dissent of any type against the gay agenda.

Violating constitutional rights does not bother these haters of religious freedom and proof of this ongoing prejudice is being replicated all across the United States in small and large ways.

The editor of a small town newspaper in Des Moines, Iowa lost his job due to a rebuttal he wrote to protest an effort to “homosexualize” the Bible with a “Queen James version”. In a personal blog Bob Eschliman declared that gay organizations were trying to reword the Bible “to make their sinful nature ‘right with God.’” He referrd to the homosexual groups as “Gaystapo” and “the enemy”. The revamped more homosexually tolerant version of the Bible puts the gay lifestyle in a more positive light and says homosexuality was added as a sin to the Christian Bible in 1946.

Eschliman said in his blog, “It’s pretty easy to brush off a nonsensical contrived version of the Bible, but that’s not the deceivers’ end goal. No, they want all Christendom to abandon their faith. They (gay radicals) do that by ‘proselytizing’ to church leaders to change their view on homosexuality.”

Should anyone not toe the line in their thinking professionally or personally, the person having a different opinion will suffer the consequences. This bullying is basically approved by the media which has already sold off their journalism objectivity. Not thinking correctly is being punished without mercy.

And as the CEO of Mozilla found out, being merely for traditional marriage can haunt you years later to those having an axe to grind.

Dr. Walsh is finding that out now the hard way by those expanding their witch hunt for those having incorrect thinking. Don’t think for a second these intolerant thinkers will stop at 2006.

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