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Christian Fiction 101: Where can I find a bargain in Dallas?


Photo from FamilyChristian.comI usually order books online. is a great place to track down books for just a few dollars. I’m not normally one to shop in chain stores such as Barnes and Noble or Borders for books, and when I do I usually head straight for the bargain section. I can count on one hand in the last two years the number of times I’ve purchased a book at full price. Why pay $24.99 when you can pay $2.48 plus shipping? The same goes for Christian bookstores. However, the other day I happened to stop in a Family Christian Store with a friend and I was surprised at some of the bargains there. While it is often hit or miss with the bargain bin, the clearance section in the Cedar Hill store was rather sizable with books for as little as two dollars. I picked up a copy of Tom Morrisey’s In High Places for three dollars and some change. The store is also offering discounts on several new titles including Davis Bunn’s latest, Gold of Kings. So as the summer winds down and you’re looking for one last affordable read, try a Family Christian store and see what you can find. To find a location check out For more tips on bargain book hunting click here. For tips on getting free books click here


  • Marie Burton 5 years ago

    And instead of going out to Dallas county, try Roma's Preread Books in Rockwall who has the nicest staff imaginable.