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Christian event: 'shareholders in life' banquet and silent auction in Las Vegas, pro-life fundraiser

The Women's Resource Medical Center of Southern Nevada aims to help save the lives of unborn babies by sharing the love of Jesus through spiritual, emotional, physical, and educational support.  One upcoming fundraising event next month is the Shareholders in Life Banquet and Silent Auction, to be held on Thursday, April 22nd from 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Rio Pavilion Convention Center in Las Vegas.

25th Anniversary Shareholders in Life Fundraising Banquet & Silent Auction coming up in April...
Photo courtesy of Limaoscarjuliet's Photography (flickr)

"Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and the Alan Guttmacher Institute indicate that 93% of all abortions occur because of social or economic reasons and that 50% of women who have had an abortion in the past are more likely to have another. Since 1985 we have personally met with some of these women, and we have found that the majority of them would not choose abortion if they simply had someone to assist them in their circumstance." -Women's Resource Medical Center 

Ordained evangelical minister and popular speaker John Ensor will speak at the event.  He is also the author of many best-selling books, including Answering the Call, Saving the Innocent - One Woman At a Time (Focus on the Family, 2003), and his latest, Doing Things Right In Matters of the Heart (Crossway, 2007).  

For more information:  purchase tickets online here or call (702) 366-1247; extension 1004.


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