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Christian death threats aimed at atheist

Christian Death Threats from Fox News Viewers.
Christian Death Threats from Fox News Viewers.
Fox News Viewers

Following his appearance on Fox News’s show, America Live w/Megyn Kelly, American Atheists’ Communications Director, Blair Scott received multiple death threats from Christians. Many even appeared on the Fox News facebook page.

Militant Christianity
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These threats come on the heels of the Christian terrorist attack in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik. Since writing about the Norway Christian terrorist attack, I have received many comments and e-mails from Christians telling me that Breivik was part of an extremely small minority, wasn’t a real Christian, and/or doesn’t represent “True Christianity.” Yet, here in the United States we have multiple Christians making truly horrific threats against atheists.

These Christians are not some tiny minority; they appear to make up a significant number of Fox News viewers. If anyone questions their faith and belief in Christianity, contact them on facebook and challenge them on it. I think you will find that many are very passionate about their beliefs and will almost certainly be glad to defend them… possibly with threats apparently. There can be no doubt that these threats are motivated by religious belief.

The broadcast which started this cascade of death threats is in the sidebar along with a slideshow of a tiny minority of the threats made.

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