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Christian dating 2014: The return to happy relationships

Christian dating: The return to a happy relationships
Christian dating: The return to a happy relationships

Online dating sites come in a variety of themes. It seems that more and more niche dating sites are surfacing, in an effort to attract new users.

For the sake of this review, the focus is on Christian dating sites. What is your first thought when you think of Christian dating?

Is it an assumption that you must be a bible-thumping, weekly church going religious zealot, to join? Not so. If you consider yourself more spiritual than religious, you can meet a number of like-minded, interested parties.

Do you imagine that your encounters with Christian singles will be less than exciting? Christians are not shut-ins, everyone has hobbies and interest from super-active and busy, to a more relaxed pace of activities.

The trick is to find someone with a lifestyle that compliments yours.

Are Christians trying to live their lives to a somewhat higher standard? In most cases, yes. That's a good thing, especially when is comes to having those altruistic qualities that we all strive for, on one level or another.

Perhaps a date or possible mate who is a bit more reserved and grounded, is just what you've been searching for, in all the wrong places?

Although a number of the big box dating sites try to list its sites on the Christian dating list, it's more like twisting data for marketing purposes.

All dating sites list a question of religious background, to all users. Big box dating sites uses this data to mislabel its site as Christian, to solicit niche site users. and list its sites a Christian. Not even close! Make sure you use a clearly Christian based site.

So why not cleanup some of the shallow language in your current online dating profile, used to sometimes entice the wrong type of people; and post a page on a Christian dating site? Try something new, after all that's why you started online dating in the first place.

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