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Christian culture clashes with the relativism of America's culture

President Andrew Jackson is just one of many American presidents who disclosed their Christian roots or belief in God
President Andrew Jackson is just one of many American presidents who disclosed their Christian roots or belief in God

Moral absolutes of the Bible clashes severely with the modern thinkers that desire to liberalize and adjust standards to meet the whims of those wanting to change God’s standards. Reinventing Christianity to fit a more flexible culture which mainstreams relativism is the goal.

Whether the standard of marriage, Christian standards regarding sin, the supremacy of Christ, or even that God is a jealous God not sharing His glory with any other deity, enter the revisionists or moral relativists and any value articulated by the religious culture is subject to veto or change.

Regarding the foundation of our nation, the majority of signers of the Declaration of Independence were active members of their churches with a high representation of Protestant Christians. For decades revisionists and just plain haters of anything Christian have been working overtime to discredit our founding fathers’ Christian influence by spinning all types of theories regarding other speculative religious beliefs.

Although many Americans claim we are “no longer a Christian nation”, the predominate religion of the founding fathers, it seem strange that the Judeo-Christian standards used to formulate our laws and culture is being downgraded. All one would need to do is inspect our history, visit Washington DC, and view the scriptures from the Bible inscribed in every state capital building in America.

It is a troubling revelation that the very Ten Commandments that dominates our Supreme Court Building in Washington DC is now not welcomed as a standard by more liberalized and revisionist judicial judges suddenly squeamish about Biblical standards. Our congressional records are inundated with references to God, prayers, and religious observances that were routinely practiced by our executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the government.

Correspondence of our government officials commonly called on God’s wisdom, protection, and blessings both with official business and personal issues.

No so today as antagonism towards Christian values has reached historical levels. Our military’s rich traditions which has called on God during dire emergencies, from General George Washington asking for God’s divine guidance during the dark days of the Revolutionary War, to President Franklin Roosevelt leading America to its knees in prayer when the Allies’ Normandy Invasion was in peril.

Today bringing up Christian standards can get you fired, kicked out of the military, censored at high school graduations, or ridiculed for being old fashioned, out of touch, and intolerant. One could be easily categorized as have severe mental issues and lack intelligence.

How could the magnificent sacrifices of the Puritans and Pilgrims and moral integrity of these great men and women be denigrated and questioned by the second guessers of today? Based on the attitudes conveyed by many regarding our Christian heritage, you would begin to believe our past patriots were clueless concerning morality and wisdom.

This lack of respect for our founding fathers’ standards has infiltrated the Christian congregations as standards thousands of years old are being wiped away, “corrected”, or changed to incorporate the latest ideologies of today. Some changes have been healthy, however a substantial amount of these changes are negatively impacting our culture.

How we think, willingly sacrifice, flourish our families, and positively grow our communities are all based on foundational ethics rooted in values extracted from Biblical principles. Yes, democracy and capitalism made impacts, but the blessings bestowed upon this great nation by God’s favor are the more important tangible results of having spiritual connections to the Almighty.

Deuteronomy 28 discloses the blessings and cursing that results from either following or rejecting the word of God. It should be no mystery as to why this country is the envy of the nations for the advantages given for practicing God’s standards.

There is just too much evidence given by our founding fathers to dispute our heritage is rich in Christian beliefs.

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