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Christian artists get help forging their music career

Quick Tips & Guide To Christian Music
Kellen Coleman

The author of the book Quick Tips & Guide To Christian Music Kellen “Kash or “Cache” Coleman was born in Oakland, CA and grew up in the bay area. Kellen got bit by the traveling bug at age 12 and has been traveling around the globe ever since. He has visited more than 10 countries on three continents. He graduated with a Bachelors and Masters degree from Grambling State University.

Kellen has worked with various magazines writing stories for some of the most famous people in secular rap and urban entertainment. Kellen also interned for a Congress member in Washington D.C. and assisted on two successful political campaigns in Western Massachusetts. While working in politics Kellen was trying to prove that he was more than a urban writer, publicist, and social media and online Guru and could do more than filth and make a difference. Little did he know D.C. and local politics had as much if not more corruption than secular rap music.

Every project Kellen worked for was about Kash and how to get to the next level. Never satisfied with going to one country to another or one state to another or one project after the other Kellen wanted more. Until one day his life was flipped upside down due to the consequences of sin and keeping an ungodly company. Kellen said God put it on his mind that everything he did for the world in entertainment and politics that he should do it for God’s kingdom and not worry about the Kash.

Now Kellen serves on a God inspired website CHRISTIANSTAR.ME Kellen serves as a publicist and consultant for a hand full of Christian artists, animation, and movie projects. Kellen released Quick Tips & Guide to Christian Music where he is sharing his experience serving Christian organizations. He is also revealing his vast media contact list, in the book with well over one hundred contacts including T.V., radio, magazine and how to pitch to the media. Kellen is on fire for God and has realized that his God-given talent of communication was misused for a long time but thank God for his grace and now he is using it 100% for God’s Kingdom.

“A dream + plan = Goal” Kellen Cache

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