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Christian addiction recovery groups

Help for Christians who are addicted
Help for Christians who are addicted
Celebrate Recovery


  • Rich!~~ 5 years ago

    Addictions , Obsessions and Health related issues are probably as responsible for people seeking a higher power to intervene in their life as an other individual traits. These ministries should be congratulated for their work. I'm sure they've helped thousands of veterans , and civilians and their families.

  • Pat W. Kirk 5 years ago

    Celebrate Recovery has brought several new faces into my church. A great group.

  • Dr. Smith 4 years ago

    I really don't know to much about Celebrate Recovery, but I do know that Christian Recovery is becoming a major sources in helping those who are truly about change. I have been working with those who are the methadone treatment program, and it is great to see the spirituality that is being built within the support groups called 2nd chance Recovery Group. Hope you and I can sit and discuss a few things soon.

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