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Christian addiction recovery groups

Help for Christians who are addicted
Help for Christians who are addicted
Celebrate Recovery

Addictions of all kind abound in today’s society and Christians are not exempt from the struggles of addictive behaviors. In fact, churches across the country and the globe are reaching out to addicts via Christian recovery and support groups.

Alcohol and are drugs are not the only addictions people need serious intervention and help with anymore. In fact, pornography, gambling, sex and internet addictions are some of the easiest to hide and therefore have become rampant addictions in multiple faith-based communities where such actions can lead to ex-communication. According to a 2007 report, 50% of all Christian men are addicted to pornography and with it so easily accessible -to the tune of 75 million different online porn sites currently available – it’s no wonder.

Various statistics show that 44% to 60% of all men and women in the U.S. have obsessions or addictions to pornography, cyber-sex and/or online gambling. With staggering numbers like these indicating that our over-stimulated, over-sexed population is becoming more and more addicted, it’s imperative for churches to address these issues in a realistic, loving way rather than ignoring that they exist.

Celebrate Recovery; one popular addiction recovery program for Christians has made a huge impact across the world in Christian communities. Similar 12-step addiction programs are popping up in faith-based communities just about everywhere.

One place where addiction is being addressed in a BIG way right now is Las Vegas, Nevada. Jud Wilhite, the Sr. Pastor of a Vegas mega church, recently published a book titled “Throw It Down”, in which he gives a step-by-step guide to helping overcome addictive tendencies. After starting a recovery program in their church and seeing it grow from 10 participants a week to 600 a week, Wilhite knew they were reaching people with the right message.

He recently told the Christian Post that they (Central Christian Church) started a ministry that would reach out to addicts of all kinds, offering hope, encouragement, accountability and healing; it has since exploded and become one of their churches’ largest ministries.

Looking for a Christian addiction recovery and support group in Louisville and surrounding areas in Kentucky? Check out the following links:

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Information on-line about addiction, recovery and accountability:

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  • Rich!~~ 4 years ago

    Addictions , Obsessions and Health related issues are probably as responsible for people seeking a higher power to intervene in their life as an other individual traits. These ministries should be congratulated for their work. I'm sure they've helped thousands of veterans , and civilians and their families.

  • Pat W. Kirk 4 years ago

    Celebrate Recovery has brought several new faces into my church. A great group.

  • Dr. Smith 3 years ago

    I really don't know to much about Celebrate Recovery, but I do know that Christian Recovery is becoming a major sources in helping those who are truly about change. I have been working with those who are the methadone treatment program, and it is great to see the spirituality that is being built within the support groups called 2nd chance Recovery Group. Hope you and I can sit and discuss a few things soon.

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