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Christ the King opens Art Gallery

Charlotte, NC – There’s a new gallery in town, Gallery Hall at the Chapel of Christ the King. Although it’s especially dedicated to up-and-coming artist who might need a resume-booster, the space is open to everyone.

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The first exhibit (see slide show) features two veteran artists in NoDa, Charlotte’s artists community: Leigh McDonald and Laura Alma McCarthy. Leigh’s work is more traditional, with oils and delicate pencil sketches, while Laura’s display -- rubbings of manhole covers and sidewalk tiles -- is more on the edgy-side. Different aesthetics, but both part of the beauty of creation.

The gallery is open Sundays from 1-2PM and by appointment during the week (please call 704 334-3097 and do leave a message). A simple but elegant reception can be arranged if you want to invite guests to see your work Sunday afternoon, for a modest fee.

A new exhibit is to go up in mid-January.


The Chapel of Christ the King is located at 425 E. 17th St. (off North Davidson) in Charlotte.