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Christ's physical return is now underway


We are about to witness a most extraordinary moment in human history, according to Scottish author and artist, Benjamin Creme.

All the major religions await the return of a teacher under various names: Christians await the Christ, Jews await the Messiah; Buddhists await the 5th Buddha, or Maitreya Buddha; Hindus await Krishna, or Kalki Avatar; and Muslims await the Imam Mahdi. From the estoteric perspective, these are simply different names for one and the same World Teacher, who comes not as a religious enforcer but as an educator and guide for the new age we are currently entering. Since 1977, by means of public lectures, numerous media interviews, books, and serving as chief editor of a monthly publication called Share International, Mr. Creme has sought to inform the public about the return of this awaited Teacher, to use a Biblical phrase, "like a thief in the night" into the modern world. Very soon, it is said, humanity will realize an unusually wise man of extraordinary spiritual stature is among them, calling for a new and better way to live together as one human race. Christ has returned, at this pivotal moment in time, to inspire humanity to solve its most urgent global problems such as hunger, war, division, and environmental degradation.

To be sure, Creme's information presents a sharp contrast from the apocalyptic doomsday scenario which has unfortunately pervaded the minds of many modern day churchgoers. On the contrary, this is nothing less than a message of great hope for all who worry about the future, whether they are religious or non-religious.

A full explanation involves much more information than can be written here; therefore, readers are encouraged to do additional research on their own. As Creme advises in his lectures, it's not important whether you believe the information is true or not. What's probably best is to neither accept nor reject it outright, but to simply keep an open mind about such ideas which may prove to be relevant before long.

Signs of the Times

Miracles have flooded the world for decades, generating a sense of wonder and expectation. Many of these signs have caused Christians to deeply ponder on their meaning.

 Photo courtesy of (1)
  • Images of Christ-like figures have miraculously shown up in photographs
  • In the United States, Russia, Europe, and elsewhere, statues have been found weeping real tears, oil or blood
  • Giant crosses of light have been discovered on glass panes in churches and ordinary people's homes
  • Milk-drinking statues in India gained worldwide media attention in 1995
  • Healing wells of water have been discovered in Mexico, Germany and India, attracting thousands of people. Many miraculous cures have resulted from people drinking this water
  • Mysterious and beautiful patterns of light have been photographed on buildings and pavements in dozens of countries
    One of many photographs of the 'star-like luminary', in this case resembling a cross shape.  (Filmed on October 10, 2009 in Samnanger, Norway)
  • One of the most impressive signs as of late, predicted in a December 2008 press release from Share International, is a mysterious "star-like luminary" that has been appearing in skies everywhere, said to be acting as a modern-day "Star of Bethlehem" to herald the return of Christ 

Christ's Message: Sharing = Peace

The one known as Christ is also referred to, by some, as Maitreya (pronounced "my-tray-uh"), which is the personal name for the unconditionally loving Teacher who is the head representative of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Maitreya, the Christ, comes not as a religious leader preaching religious dogma, but simply as a spokesperson and guide, representing people of all backgrounds, colors and beliefs. He comes at the end of this current age - the Age of Pisces - in order to inaugurate a new era - the Age of Aquarius - where peace will be established by means of economic and social justice, sharing, freedom and international cooperation. In His many messages released through Creme by way of a process called "overshadowing", Maitreya, the Christ, has stated how He seeks to instill in us a new sense of livingness. As the book of John put it in the New Testament, He is here to bring humanity that "life more abundantly."

Christ comes to offer an alternative to the system of greed, speculation, and dangerous divisions and tension among nations. What else would we expect from the same great figure who spoke 2,000 years ago of the need to share with the poor and forgotten?  In one of Christ's messages (released through Creme) He says, "I need your help to come before you, to bless this world and teach, to show men that the way forward is simple, requires only the acceptance of Justice and Freedom, Sharing and Love. These aspects are already within you and need only to be evoked by Me."

Sharing, He says, is divine. "When you share, you recognize God in your brother...Take your brother's need as the measure for your action, and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course." (2)

Very soon, Christ will begin His emergence into the public arena. According to Creme, we will first see Him interviewed on a major US television network, appearing as an ordinary man concerned with modern-day problems. Eventually, after speaking more and more in various countries, He will be called by all the major media networks to address everyone around the world simultaneously. On this day, known as the "Day of Declaration", people everywhere will see him via the linked TV stations. In this way, the Biblical prophecy that "every eye shall see Him" will play out as predicted. On this day, millions of spontaneous miracle cures will be reported and people will be filled with the energy of heart-felt love for their brothers and sisters.

Look for a man calling for an end to war, for justice and peace through wealthy nations sharing their excess with the poorest nations who have millions of citizens starving to death in a world of plenty. It is this "crime" of separation and injustice that moves Him to act with urgency. He will not be introduced as the very special person he is, being called "the Christ" or any special title or reference to some high spiritual stature. It will be up to each of us to recognize Him for who He is, inwardly. 

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(1) The photograph above was taken from this page:  It is one of many miracles that have manifested over the past few decades, heralding the coming of Maitreya.  Please see a previous article for more information on this particular story and other miracles:

(2) Quotations - Messages from Maitreya, the Christ


  • Rev. ML Vandiver Mondello 5 years ago

    I believe he has spiritually never left. And I believe he is spiritually with all of us now, it will just be when we all Understand this that we ALL see him. Keep watching these signs, they tell us everything!

  • Josh the Houston Atheism Examiner 5 years ago

    This expectation of the second coming being this incredibly wise and spiritual person sets the faithful and credulous up to be bamboozled by con artists with silver tongues and bad intentions. If you believe without evidence, how do you separate the sincere from the shysters? How can you possibly protect yourself from people who are lying to you if you are programmed to believe what you are told?