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Christ is Risen – Truly He is Risen!

The Icon of our Lord Jesus’ Resurrection!
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Our Lord, Jesus Christ, is risen and truly, He has risen! This is a time of great joy and thanksgiving, for our Lord and Savior’s great sacrifice for humanity. Peace be with you all and your families during these upcoming bright weeks leading up to Pentecost.

We have journeyed through Great Lent, and Holy Week, where we have reached our beautiful destination of our Lord’s Resurrection. Now we wait until Pentecost, when our Lord goes back up to Heaven with the Father.

One thing that is troubling during the time we proclaim our Lord’s Resurrection and the time passing is how everything and everyone goes back to “normal”, in terms of routine and schedule. Even the television ceases the programs containing Christian stories about our Lord’s life and of the saints. It is a real shame that following our Lord’s beautiful day of Resurrection, being raised from the dead, we, in a sense, just move on with our lives. Why is this?

Just as we celebrate our Lord Jesus’ birth in December (and January for the Eastern Churches), somehow the joy from that day dissipates the moments we bring down our outdoor house decorations and take down the tree ornaments. People just move on with everything as if Christmas never happened. The same takes place with the most crucial of honors, the day of our Lord Jesus’ Resurrection!

The secret of it all is that Jesus did not just rise from the dead on Easter or Pascha. Jesus was raised from the dead thousands of years ago and our faith is the epitome of it all! We as Christians, honor this time in our Lord’s life to pay our respects to all that our Lord did for us.

Beloved, this reminder or honor DOES NOT END the day after Easter or Pascha, but is the personification of our existential worth. God loved us so much, that He gave up His ONLY SON! Do not allow this season of Pascha to end. Allow it to fill your heart and mind. Remember each day to thank our Lord for His Great Sacrifice for all of us unworthy sinners!

“Blessed are those who do not see but believe”, our Lord said before He ascended back to is Kingdom.
May the Holy Spirit be with you always. Forget not that the joy of our Lord and Savior endures forever and is always the same!

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