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Christ Cathedral campus makes Star Trek

The Christ Cathedral Cultural Center appears in the newest Star Trek sequel
The Christ Cathedral Cultural Center appears in the newest Star Trek sequel
Courtesy: Paramount Pictures

Those of us who took the Christ Cathedral campus tour probably took a double take at one of the closing scenes of the new Start Trek movie. Yes, that was Christ Cathedral Cultural Center, behind Captain Kirk, as he recited the famous mission statement Star Trek aficionados know by heart.

What many in Orange County may not know is that renovation of the Christ Cathedral campus is the "prime directive" of the Diocese of Orange's 100 million dollar capital fund raising campaign. The 34 acre Garden Grove campus, with its parking facilities and 7 buildings is targeted to receive 53 of that 100. A good portion of that amount will be allocated for remodeling the jewel of the campus, the internationally renown Crystal Cathedral, for Catholic liturgical services.

The balance of the funds will be divided between Catholic education, priest retirement, diocesan ministries and local parish needs.

All 58 parishes are asking for pledges from their registered parishioners. Some parishes have goals of over a million dollars to be collected over the next four years.

The Orange Catholic Foundation has been hired to manage the effort.

This is the first capital fund raising campaign ever initiated by the diocese.

With its parish kickoff over the last several weeks, it has gone where it has never gone before.

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