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Christ and consequences


You eat too much--gain more than a few pounds--and your favorite dress doesn't fit any more.


You decided that parties were more fun than you hit them instead of the books--and then you got that first test back. Why does a "D" look worse written in red?


You didn't think it would matter--just a click here and a click there--a quick look at pictures you wouldn't show Jesus--and obsess...can't keep your fingers off those computer keys and your eyes off those websites.


Troublesome, aren't they?

Troublesome when they result from our own screw-ups.


Your child skips out on school...more than once. The call comes.

The embarrassing trip to the principal's office.

The even greater embarrassment that comes from feeling like a parental failure in front of strangers.


That office flirtation--seemingly so innocent to your husband in the beginning. Then it became a romance that led to a divorce...and now your children are growing up without a dad around.


He thought he had drunk just enough but not too much...he thought that...until he ran into your daughter's car...and sent your family to her graveside.


Troublesome when they result from your own sins. Maddening when the transgressions of someone else make your life more difficult.

That truth makes the mission of Jesus all the more astounding.

On the menu for His Last Supper were the just desserts of everyone else.

The next day He would suffer the consequences of our sins.

And he would suffer them not because He couldn't get out of someone's way.

He would suffer those consequences not because He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He would suffer the consequences of our screw-ups by His own choice.

He entered this world in order to suffer the consequences of our sins.

"But he was pierced for our transgressions,

he was crushed for our iniquities..."

Isaiah 53:5a (NIV)

Jesus suffered so...because He loved us.

Following Jesus sometimes means choosing to get involved in someone's messy life...because you care.

And following Jesus sometimes means choosing to stay involved in someone's messy life...even though you know that they alone will not suffer the consequences of their will, too.

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