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Chrissy Teigen was drunk for her first pitch at a Dodgers game

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen wasn't feeling as good as she looks for her first pitch at a Dodgers game recently. Teigen's pre-game margaritas showed up a bit in her warm-up reported The Los Angeles Times on Aug. 6, 2014. However, some of her practice showed in Tiegen's not so bad first pitch at the Dodgers game Tuesday night in Los Angeles.

Model Chrissy Teigen attends DuJour Magazine and NYY Steak celebrating Chrissy Teigen
Photo by Craig Barritt

Teigen appeared to be awfully drunk during her excited celebration after the pitch as she jumped into catcher Drew Butera's arms. After this Teigen hugged and rolled around on the field with a female fan. In a tweet prior to the game Teigen shared that she was pretty drunk.

Teigen also tweeted at the time that her dad was making margaritas like only her dad can. This was followed by a statement saying she loved her dad and she included wishes for a happy birthday. It was her dad who helped her practice for the Dodgers game opening pitch as seen on an Instagram photo which Teigen posted.

Teigen's first pitch at a Dodgers game was awesome reports The Washington Post. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit supermodel kicked off her day with dad's fantastic margaritas and showed up like a star at the Dodgers game. Fans seemed to love her.

Practice and booze made a perfect day for Teigen at the Dodgers game according to a report by TMZ. She looked perfect for her first pitch at Tuesday night's Los Angeles Dodgers game. Some warm up photos of Tiegen show that she took this opportunity to get into the big leagues seriously. The guys on the Dodgers seemed to love her as much as the fans and perhaps considered joining her for some margaritas after the game.

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