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Chrisley Knows Best star’s baby mama revealed

Chrisley Knows Best star Kyle Chrisley’s baby mama has been revealed. The mystery woman’s identity has been a closely guarded secret until now. Chrisley’s daughter, Chloe’s first birthday will be celebrated on the next episode of the new reality show on USA Network.

Kyle Chrisley's baby mama's name revealed.
USA Network

Kyle Chrisley is the son of family patriarch Todd Chrisley. Angela Victoria Johnson of Iva, South Carolina is baby Chloe’s biological mother however; viewers won’t be seeing her on any episodes of Chrisley Knows Best. Chrisley has bragged about “having the most beautiful daughter in the world.”

Johnson’s identity was revealed in court documents obtained by RadarOnline. In the court documents, on October 7, 2012, Kyle, his father, Todd and mother, Julie all filed a legitimation suit against Johnson. The lawsuits were filed nine months after little Chloe was born. In the state of Georgia, a legitimation suit is filed by the father in order to establish his parentage of a child that has been born out of wedlock.

It is the first step to take when a father is trying to establish child support as well as visitation rights. While the specifics of the case weren’t revealed due to the fact it was a family court issue surrounding a minor child, what was revealed was that both sides of the case were granted mutual restraining orders in October 2013.

Kyle Chrisley has a history of violence against women. He was arrested for an alleged assault against a woman on April 7, 2013. The woman in the assault charge was not Johnson and the case was later dismissed.

On February 5, 2014 a judge signed off on Kyle Chrisley’s parentage legitimation and a child support plan and permanent parenting plan were established. Only a few weeks later, Chloe made her reality television debut when she appeared in an episode of Chrisley Knows Best

Little Chloe will be a reality television star as she appears on episodes of Chrisley Knows Best. It has been insinuated that the legitimation suits were filed in order to secure Chloe’s appearance on the reality show. Johnson doesn’t seem to mind that her daughter will be filming a reality show as she’s taken to her Facebook page to brag about her daughter’s new found fame.

On April 11, Johnson posted, “My baby is so small here… I love it, famous already!” The post was accompanied by a clip of Chloe on Chrisley Knows Best. When friends commented on the post asking if it was her daughter, Johnson responded, “Yes, that’s my baby girl and I love that show too!” After Chloe finished filming on the reality show, she was returned to her mother on April 9.

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