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‘Chrisley Knows Best’ spoilers for episode 4 revealed

"Chrisley Knows Best"
"Chrisley Knows Best"
Public Domain/Wikipedia Commons

The spoilers for episode 4 of “Chrisley Knows Best” have been revealed, and the household may be getting a new addition. On March 24, the official Facebook page of the show posted a video that featured Todd Chrisley talking to his son Chase and trying to educate him about life.

The USA Network reality TV show returns with a new episode titled “Two Men And A Baby,” and fans can expect parenting advice to be a big part of the show. Kyle’s daughter, Chloe, joins the family by moving into the home, and his father has some tips he wants to share with him. Will Kyle listen to the parenting advice or make his own decisions about raising his daughter?

Todd is known for being a perfectionist, so his children’s attempts to dress him are not easy for him to handle on “Chrisley Knows Best.” Chase and Savannah, his two teenagers, try to pick out several outfits for him, but Todd quickly points out that nothing matches and seems upset they have forgotten his style. Todd views his clothes as an important reflection of his life, so anything less than perfect tends to drive him crazy.

Although she is interested in helping pick out her father’s clothes, Savannah still finds time for some driving lessons that frustrate Todd. In addition, she scratches and damages part of the car but considers lying to Todd to cover it up.