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‘Chrisley Knows Best’ episode 5 spoilers revealed: Grandma Faye’s birthday

"Chrisley Knows Best"
"Chrisley Knows Best"
Public Domain/Wikipedia Commons

The spoilers for episode 5 of “Chrisley Knows Best” reveal that Grandma Faye’s birthday will be a big part of the family’s plans. On March 31, the official Facebook page of the show shared that Julie Chrisley is worried about making the party perfect for her mother-in-law. Todd is also ready to take some drastic measures with his children to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Todd’s mother, Faye, is celebrating her birthday, and the Chrisley family is determined to make the party special. As Julie worries about the details, Todd has his own methods of making sure the children behave. The “Todd-Tervention” episode will reveal how he handles all the electronics his children use every day.

Todd decides to take away all the smartphones, iPads and electronics from his children for his mother’s birthday. Although they are reluctant to give him the devices, they are forced to comply. Todd remembers growing up with a phone that was attached to the wall and could not be carried around in a pocket.

Despite Todd’s attempts to hide the electronic devices from his children, Chase is still able to sneak in and grab his phone. Todd discusses the problem with Julie, and she compares the children to dogs who are able to sniff out drugs. It is not easy for the teenagers to give up their favorite phones, so the intervention does not go smoothly.