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‘Chrisley Knows Best’ episode 4 recap revealed

"Chrisley Knows Best"
"Chrisley Knows Best"
Public Domain/Wikipedia Commons

Episode 4 of “Chrisley Knows Best” gave fans the chance to meet a new family member after Kyle Chrisley introduced his daughter Chloe. On March 25, the official Facebook page of the show posted a photo of the little girl in pink. However, the adorable baby was not the only focus of the show.

The arrival of Chloe gave Todd a chance to talk to Kyle about parenting and taking responsibility for his actions. Todd wanted Kyle to raise the little girl on his own, but he insisted that his son find his own place to live first. Although Kyle initially resisted the idea of taking care of Chloe, he eventually decided he wanted to be a bigger part of her life. For more family support, Todd, Julie, Chase and Savannah took a mommy class with Kyle since his parents received custody of the baby.

Todd’s parenting abilities were pushed to the limit with Savannah’s driving lessons as he insisted she spent too much time chatting. Although she blamed him for her nerves, Savannah later tried to hide her car accident by lying to him. With the help of her brother Chase, Savannah tried to convince Todd that she was not responsible for the damage and was not even in the car during the incident. However, it did not take long for Todd to share he was aware of the truth about the car and to punish his children.