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Chris Young willing to take flak over sexy Valentine’s Day cards

Chris Young aims to capture hearts with sexy Valentine's Day cards
Rick Diamond, Getty Images

Fans already know that country singer Chris Young exudes sexiness and this year, he’s decided to play right into their hands with sexy valentines. On February 7, Chris Young’s website began offering Valentine’s Day e-cards in three designs.

Chris Young is prominently featured on each card. The three selections include Chris Young wearing a slight grin with the caption “I love who I am with you,” a smiling Chris with the caption “Every day with you is happy,” and a sultry-eyed Chris Young with a message for singles that says, “Hey girl, wanna be single together?” The valentine cards are Chris Young’s contribution to Singles Awareness Week.

With lyrics like “Walkin' through the front door, seein' your black dress hit the floor, honey there sure ain't nothing like you lovin' me all night long, and all I can think about is gettin' you home” and “No one gets me like you when you kiss me, girl you rock me harder than some downtown band,” Chris Young already had the ladies swooning and his band members giving him grief. His Valentine’s Day e-cards are just going to stir the embers, but according to Chris Young, that’s okay.

My band likes to give me a hard time about the sexy, bachelor stuff,” confesses Chris. “These e-cards are a fun way to give back to my fans, but I’m sure the guys will be giving me some flak next week when we’re back on the road.

Chris Young’s Valentine’s Day cards will be available on his site through February 14.

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