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Chris Wade is ready to WIN the vacant ROC Lightweight Title tonight on!

Chris Wade vs Pat DeFranco for the ROC WW Title

Tonight at "Ring of Combat 47" at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino LIVE around the WORLD on iPPV, Chris Wade will be stepping into the cage for the biggest fight of his career when he faces Pat DeFranco for the vacant ROC Lightweight Championship.

Taking into consideration most fighters to capture the coveted ROC Gold find their way into the UFC shortly after, this fight has a ton of importance to Chris as he prepares himself for the biggest fight on his career. Recently we had the chance to catch up with Chris very briefly to discuss his upcoming title showdown with Pat DeFranco and here is what he had to say: How has your training camp been for your fight this Friday night at ROC 47?

Chris Wade: Training Camp has been very very long. I'm essentially on my third training camp in a row. We thought we had a fight lined up for September 20th which the fighter backed out on two days before. I tried to search for promotions to get a short notice fight then found an early December fight and about a week later we were informed by Lou of this bout. We decided to pass up the December fight to prep for this one.

With that being said it has been great! My partners; Ryan Laflare, Dennis Bermudez, Marcos Galvao, Sergio Dasilva, Gregor Gillespie, and trainers Joe Panariello, Gregg Depasquale, And Anthony D'angelo have me more than ready for this fight. What do you know about Pat DeFranco? Is there any flaws that you feel you can expose?

Chris Wade: With Pat and I both being fighters from LI and coming up at the same time I would see we are very familiar with one another. I have a lot of respect them over at Power MMA. With that being sad there are certainly a few areas that I know I am better and will expose him but id like to keep it general for now until after the fight.

Pat is a tough guy he loves to stand and bang, he is passionate about his hands game but simply put he cannot match my athleticism for the duration of the fight. I intend to be the better athlete in all facets of the game. I have evolved and that will be apparent . For the fans that are not familiar with you, how would you describe yourself as a fighter? Also which fight team do you represent?

Chris Wade: I fight for Team LIMMA with Ryan Laflare and Dennis Bermudez.. I also do my striking with Joe Panariello at Studio 42 Kickboxing. I would describe myself as one of the more athletic fighters in the region. Alot of guys have certain things that they do very well but are limited in certain regards. I pick up on things very quickly and I fight hard I come forward and I can wrestle at a very high level. Working on becoming very well rounded constantly trying to develop in all areas of the game. What would becoming ROC Champion mean to you?

Chris Wade: Becoming ROC Champ will be an achievement that is extremely meaningful. It has a direct correlation to my moving up to the UFC to take a run at their belt. These two belts are the only belts that mean anything to me in mixed martial arts. I WANT THIS BELT. What fighters inspire you or do you admire?

Chris Wade: A few fighters that inspire me are Frankie Edgar, Jon Jones, and Ryan Laflare. I admire different things about each of them but they influence my own style the most of any other fighters. What can fans in AC or watching around the World on expect from you at the fight?

Chris Wade: Fight fans watching around the world can expect to see me repeatedly explode on Pat until he breaks either physically and or mentally and I take the fight. I will be relentless. Ive proven I can take hits and keep coming forward right through them. I am extremely motivated, my girlfriend and I just had our first child together almost two weeks ago. He is going to have to kill me to win this fight. Good Luck doing that.

ROC 47 is surely a CAN'T MISS event from start to finish with 5 Title Fights! If you can't be in AC, fear not, you can watch this event from anywhere in the WORLD on! Order once and Re Watch for LIFE on GFL OnDemand!

In other action, with the ROC Bantamweight Title at stake, Julio Arce (4-0) battles Jason McLean (6-6). Arce is an up and coming prospect from the East Coast and has shown an ability to win a fight wherever it goes. He is a strong grappler but also can hurt his opponent with punches. Look for Arce to mix up his attacks, by displaying a wide range of punches and kicks but look to take the fight to the ground if he feels he is getting bested in the striking. McLean is a grizzled vet and after 12 fights, he will bring a huge cage experience advantage into the title fight. McLean throws punches with reckless abandon and his fights are usually the most memorable because of his take no prisoners fighting style.

The ROC Middleweight Belt is up for grabs as UFC vet Chris "C-Murder" Cope (6-3) tangles with Elijah Harshbarger (6-4). Cope is used to fighting the best of the best and makes his debut for ROC fighting for the title. Cope is a respected all-around fighter with KO power in his hands and feet. Cope will try to use his distance and pinpoint striking to pick apart Harshbarger. Harshbarger is on the opposite side of things as he will likely look to close the gap and go for a takedown or utilize the clinch and take advantage of his world class wrestling in both freestyle and Greco. If Harshbarger can get the fight to the mat, his top ranked grappling could finish the fight with a choke or armbar. These two gladiators are two of the most feared 185 lb fighters in the world and the winner will have a shiny new belt to go along with his victory.

Ariel Sepulveda (6-6) takes on Keith Berish (3-0) for the Light Heavyweight Title. Sepulveda is on a 2 fight win streak and has stormed to the front of the 205 division. Berish will be quicker in the cage as he normally fights at middleweight, but moved up in weight to fight for the title. Berish will need to stay on his toes and push the pace and look for Sepulveda to wear out in the later rounds. <

James Jenkins (6-1) takes on Adam Kantaev (0-0) for the ROC Bantamweight Title. Jenkins has only been to a decision once in his career and has demolished his opponents with strikes and submissions. Kantaev is a gritty fighter who has trained for years and will be making his pro debut. Expect Kantaev to try and earn his respect early as he goes right after Jenkins.

Frankie Perez (7-0) battles Mike Santiago (10-8) in a lightweight showdown that could have future title implications for the winner. Perez is undefeated and 5 of his wins have come via submission. He will tangle with the gritty Santiago who has never shied away from a fight and has battled some of the top lightweights in the area.

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