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Chris Trapper Interview: The Few and the Far Between


Chris Trapper, most noted for leading the Boston-Buffalo based alt-pop rock group, the Push Stars in the late 90s, is paving way for a new generation of music fans with his own solo career. His folk sensibilities find himself leaving his pop days behind him on his new album, The Few and the Far Between. recently sat down with Trapper to talk about his new album, a possible Push Stars reunion, and the collaboration that may have never happened with singer/songwriter Rob Thomas.

Your new record, The Few and the Far Between, finds yourself in a very somber and mellow place.

I did kind of shine the light on the mellowness. It’s kind of where I was at the time.

It echoes one of your previous records—Til The Last Leaf Falls—quite a bit.

I think the last time I wrote a really upbeat record was Gone Again. I think you kind of write where you are at in life. I think of it as reactive songwriting---you write to what you are experiencing. I think that’s where I am at for better or for worse. I like both upbeat and mellow music. I’m really a fan of both. With this record I wanted to make something beautiful—a kind of folk record.

How was working with Rob Thomas on your collaboration for “Here All Along”?

He did me a favor by playing my song live in concert and this time I reached out to him as a favor. I asked him if he wanted to sing on my new record and he said something to the effect like, “I’ll try.” At that time I thought that meant no because of his busy schedule. Last I checked in with him, he said to send him the tracks. When he sent his part back to me, it sounded like a 16 part background vocal harmony that sounded like the Beach Boys!

What is the process of making a new album?

I realized a year ago that I haven’t released new material for a while. I feel like the song writing pot fills up, then you have to empty it. The process of songwriting starts with the songs and ends with the songs. I feel like I don’t have to be forced to write songs. We actually had to cut songs for this record.

You are on tour right now. Do you enjoy the touring process?

Oh I love it. I love every aspect of the touring lifestyle. I love driving, the hotels, and meeting people. It’s a hard thing because I have a family now. Sometimes when I have a bad gig, I feel like I should be at home with my family. I started selling out some shows last year and opened up some new markets. I think the solo show leaves with a better idea of who I am and there’s a certain intimacy about the solo show.

Your facebook page seems to have been growing continuously as well.

I think it’s cool. I wish I wasn’t as important as it is somedays. It’s a real easy way to interact with my fanbase. It keeps things interesting! I see posts and pictures now and facebook makes the experience with my fans a bit more personal.

So is safe to say that the Push Stars were a stepping stone to your solo career? What’s the status on the Push Stars today?

No, not at all. I recorded with Dan McLoughlin and Ryan MacMillan on the new album and it’s emotional to work with them to say the least. We never broke up. We just ran out of breath. I was writing songs long way before the Push Stars got together. It is a brotherhood---we put our friendship before the business.

We always talk about getting back together, but it just doesn’t seem like the stars are aligned. We couldn’t find a venue at the time last year, but definitely don’t rule out a reunion though!

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