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Chris Soules is the next 'Bachelor' according to Reality Steve

Chris Soules
Chris Soules
ABC/Matthew Putney

Chris Soules is the next Bachelor! Rumors have been swirling about this news for weeks, but on July 29, Reality Steve stood by his previous guess. While he did admit the latest gossip about Arie Luyendyk being in the running for the new season of the popular show, Steve says that Chris will undoubtedly take the helm. Why? For starters, Chris was extremely popular this season -- an easy favorite. He's also new, sort of "fresh meat," he's genuine, and he's handsome. Realistically, he is the full package.

Although there have been quite a few women that have attended try-outs for the show and have said that they were actually told that Chris "The Farmer" was the new Bachelor, some people want an official announcement from ABC. They will more than likely get that announcement a few weeks into Bachelor In Paradise. If the show doesn't bring in good ratings, ABC will have that announcement special in their arsenal.

Chris Soules was at the After The Final Rose event on Monday night. At one point in the show, Bachelor In Paradise star, Michelle Money, raised her hand and asked Chris Harrison who the next Bachelor would be. Chris Harrison sort of laughed off her question as the audience began cheering Chris' name (for Soules). Chris S. turned bright red, and couldn't help but smiling and laughing. The guys next to him were whacking him on the back -- and it seemed more than obvious that he was "the one."

According to Access Hollywood, Chris S. has said that he would be "very interested" in being the next Bachelor and looking for love on television. Thousands of fans came together after Monday night's Bachelorette finale and began tweeting with the hashtag "#ChrisForBachelor." Bachelor Nation has made it quite clear that they want to see this Iowa boy more -- and if ABC is smart, they know that the ratings will be through the roof if they go with Chris Soules.