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Chris Rock death threats: Comedian gets email threats, gun control the reason?

Chris Rock death threats have apparently become a common occurrence for the celebrity, who says he received numerous email messages against his life for talking about gun control. The popular comedian who recently appeared at the 2014 BET Awards says that he was inundated with verbal abuse after speaking out at Washington, D.C., fighting for greater restrictions to be put into place in the sale of deadly weapons. The Indy Channel reports this Sunday, June 29, that the harsh and violent threats frightened the comedian to such a degree that he felt he might never share his stance on guns ever again.

Chris Rock gets death threats over gun control talks
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET

Chris Rock is much better known for his sense of humor than his political beliefs, but the well-known celebrity was said to receive a number of death threats from the public after opening up about gun control. Rock revealed that after speaking at a Washington, D.C. rally and supporting more preventive gun restrictions, he was hit with some massive backlash. The comedian said he soon grew afraid to check his email mailbox at the chance of getting more threats.

The 49-year-old star recently shared the traumatic experience recently on Chelsea Handler’s talk show. Chris acknowledged that he wasn’t sure what the reaction to his beliefs on greater regulations being put into place would be, but he certainly never anticipated receiving death threats against his life for simple commentary.

“I’m not like, ‘Get rid of all the guns’… I just don’t think people should have machine guns in their house. Is that too much? Same way I can’t drive a NASCAR down Sunset Boulevard because there are regulations, maybe we should have some gun regulations,” Rock said in his interview with E!’s Handler. “I received crazy emails… ‘I’ll kill you b**tard. I’ll shoot you in the head!’ I was like, you know what? This ain’t (sic) worth it. I don’t need this… You need a machine gun to go against the gun people… You’ll never see me talk against anything for the rest of my life. If you see me talking about a cause, they are giving me a check. If you see me against a disease, I got it.”

According to News Oxy, one of the main reasons Chris Rock wanted to speak out about gun control rights in the first place was because he owns several weapons himself. However, he said that he believes that these deadly firearms need to be more tightly controlled, and that more restrictions should be placed by the government on their sale and availability, especially to youth.

“Hey, I have guns … I’ve got all kinds of guns, man, fun guns, love guns.”

As for the BET Awards earlier this June, Rock said that he was keeping an open mind and will be supporting the “little people. While admittedly a big fan of such people as Jay Z and Beyonce, he noted that she will survive whether she gets another coveted trophy or not; he hopes that emerging black entertainers may get a chance to shine at the national television awards.

“I’m rooting for everybody,” he said to People in an interview with the celebrity magazine. “It’s weird because I usually root for the person whose life it’ll change the most. I love Beyoncé, but she’ll be fine whether she wins or not. I root for the little people.”

In addition to the Chris Rock death threats, the Star Tribune says that Nicki Minaj was also at the BET awards and was close to “death” just a few days ago. The source states that Minaj was close to calling an ambulance, but realized that she did not want to deal with the media. The talented “Pink” star said that the experience helped her realize she needs to take pride in who she is, what she stands for, and the music she produces for her thousands of fans.

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