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Chris Rene and Young Homie who? (X-Factor premiere )

Chris Rene on X-Factor
Chris Rene on X-Factor
Chris Rene, X-Factor, Fox and respective owners

Oh goodness. I meant to post this last week, as it's old news now, but hey...I figured I did 'think' this and it's already written so, I'm going to be daring and publish it, especially since my view on Chris Rene's audition, hasn't changed. As of my initial view of the premiere episode last week:

In my last article, I said I would dive deeper into why I'm not all that thrilled with X-Factor candidate, Chris Rene. Want to [read] why I'm not jumping on the Rene Bandwagon just yet? Here it go...

Don't get me wrong, I like the message of the song he performed for the audition, [which, I believe he wrote and produced]. I also understand his plight for his family and his desire to stay 'clean', which is commendable. Winning something like the X-Factor could change his life for the good or...if he doesn't stay clean...corrupt it further. He's also marketable to the youth [as far as appearance and background].

So you ask, "KD, if he can halfway sing, write and produce his own songs and has a 'look', doesn't that equal 'potential stardom?"

Yepper, it could. However, there's something about him [Chris Rene], that I'm just not feeling...right now. Overall I'm sure he's a nice person and just trying to make his mark in the world. And believe me, with all the so-so talent we have out there, being a triple threat in music, shows great versatility and talent. Not to mention, this is the beginning. After practice, coaching and opportunity he could 'really' rock my boat. So maybe my cheer section for him will blossom overtime.

It would be a 'trip' though, if I was the only person on this planet, that felt this way about the Young Homie rap-crooner. On the outside looking in, I can be objective. I mean here's a dude turning his life around for his little son; that's tearjerking fodder for the media--people eat stuff like that up for breakfast. It really brings out compassion, even in some of the hardest and most cynical people.

But I can't grasp the Chris Rene hype yet. I'm not hatin' just being honest, for me.

I think that his 'backstory' is giving him that 'edge' in the competition for now, but once they start breaking down different music styles plus the 'pressure' of winning, we'll see. Needless to say, he fits the 'look' that L.A. Reid targets, so of course, Mr. L.A was on him like white on rice. I'm sure he'll get his opportunity to shine beyond the X-factor stage, if he stays clean.

I know I just did the fool with this commentary /confession. I bet there's someone reading this, right now and throwing serious eye daggers at me. But on the real, most of the wannabees who try for competitions like the X-Factor, do something that many have not--they walked up on a stage and showcased their talent in front of millions of people. I give mad props to anyone daring to do so...if that is their real intent.

Anywho, for you X-Factor lovers out there, don't shoot me, I will give it another try.

X-Factor airs on Fox, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7pm C.S.T. Follow me on twitter @kankan929 for tweets during the show.

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