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Chris Plaskon: ‘Class clown’ Chris Plaskon killed girl over prom date rejection

Chris Plaskon
Photo of Chris Plaskon courtesy of Jonathan Law High School

Chris Plaskon, like many young men, asked a girl to the prom. Also like many teens, he was rebuffed. In a fit of rage, Plaskon snapped, sinking a knife into the neck of his classmate who rejected his Junior prom invite. The 16-year-old accused murderer of Maren Sanchez, who like Plaskon was a student from Jonathan Law HS in Milford, Connecticut, is now behind bars awaiting trial.

Friends and family are now speaking out about the tragedy, and shedding light onto the sort of person that Plaskon was, or claimed to be. A report from The Associated Press on Monday says many who knew the teen called him a “class clown,” and said that Plaskon showed no indication that he was capable of carrying out such an atrocious attack. Friends of Plaskon said he was occasionally depressed, but that he was generally in good spirits.

“Chris was always funny and happy,” said friend and fellow junior Mick Murray. “He made everyone laugh.” Plaskon was in drama club and enjoyed playing football, friends said. They also revealed that he may have been suffering from some sort of attention-deficit disorder, and that Plaskon was “obsessed” with Maren.

“He was always kind of weird,” Murray added. “But nothing that made me think he would do this.” Plaskon has been infatuated with Maren for a “few years,” friends said. Maren actually started to date a close friend of Plaskon’s – Jarod Butts – but Plaskon still wouldn’t take no for an answer. After Maren rejected his invitation to attend the prom with him, he snapped.

“He seems like a nice guy, but he’s the class clown,” Maren’s close friend Imani Langson said of Plaskon. “Then, out of nowhere, he snaps and kills her. It’s obvious that he was planning this.” Witnesses say that Plaskon’s murder was premeditated; investigators say that Plaskon allegedly asked Maren to the prom on Friday with a knife in his hand, knowing she had already committed to going with her boyfriend Jarod. The prom was scheduled to be held Friday night.

Plaskon was remanded to a psych ward and is under suicide watch, officials said. He is under a 15-day monitoring treatment. Plaskon’s court date to face the pending murder charge may be delayed, though the Milford Superior Court judge who will be hearing the case said proceedings could still go on in his absence. Prosecutors plan to charge Plaskon as an adult because of the nature of his crime. said neighbors of the Plaskons described them as a model family: “Dad Dave owns a landscaping business. Kathleen is a nursing administrator. Plaskon is the middle of five children. The family’s upscale apartment building sits on a quiet street overlooking Laurel Beach, where Plaskon was often seen with a football, baseball and friends and siblings, neighbors said.”

The New York Times carried a statement from Plaskon’s former football coach, 38-year-old Mark Robinson: “They’re looking for the kid in the black cape and the fangs and the black fingernails, but there was no sign,” Robinson said. “He wasn’t a kid who was in the shadows. He was a well-liked kid. He was funnier than hell. That’s what makes it really strange.”

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