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Chris Martin and Ben Kweller appear in Ash music video/slasher film 'Slashed'


Ash A-Z is a series of 26 singles. The band is releasing a new
single every two weeks over the course of one year.

Touring rock bands have always had a lot of downtime inbetween shows. A fact well documented by legendary tales of the classic rock era when Joe Walsh remodeled hotel rooms with a chain saw and Keith Moon constantly found new ways to get banned from Hotel chains. These days such antics are a rare occurrence. After all, given the current state of the music business, few artists can afford the repair bills that accompany that behavior. Still, bands do manage to find other activities to bide their time.

While on tour in 2002, Ash spent some of their downtime making a slasher movie titled Slashed, written by their friend Jed Shepherd. Eight years later, the unfinished film is making its debut as an alternate video for Ash’s latest single Binary.

Shot very simply with a camcorder. Slashed stars the members of Ash including former guitarist Charlotte Hatherley. Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland are also featured in the film and there’s a cameo by Ben Kweller. Parts of the video are NSFW and there is a substantial amount of fake blood, especially during the Psycho-inspired scene.

‘Binary’ is the latest in a series of 26 singles Ash began releasing in October of 2009. Instead of continuing to release albums, the band recognized the change in how people now listen to music and have adapted to the changing times. Known as the A-Z Series, a new Ash single is released every two weeks and delivered to subscribers. The cost of the series is $20 and will conclude in September 2010. Subscribers also receive plenty of extras including bonus tracks and the chance to win collectibles from the band.


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